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Creativity is both a joy and a burden to those it beckons to it’s incessant call. It is both the Beast and the Beauty of every artist, designer, and creative’s life … and yes, blogger’s suffer the same fate. However, like the roommate one can neither live nor live without, we creatives have come to accept it – and the truly great learn to rely on it. As time goes by, so will my skill, experience, and overall immersion in the various industries I find myself already saturated in … rise to meet the match I have thrust myself into. I suspect that common practices like referencing famous authors, quoting notable quotes, and phrasing to sustain the most abstinent onlooker. As I was working on the blog that was supposed to go out this week, I found myself have more than one “typical” problem for a creative – so I thought it would be at least equally creative to talk about how I talk explain my thought process on posts, blogs, and written content in general.


This is not something I take lightly, especially here due to its purely visual aesthetic. To elaborate – Formatting and Style are the way a reader/consumer consumer of any content ingests their medium. A reader of a newspaper, book, or blog should be able to skim a page of their desired medium and be able to find their exact piece of information they were searching for just as a viewer of an A/V-based medium such as YouTube or Twitch relies on smooth playback, clear audio, and relatively decent quality. Titles and section headers must be of the proper size and boldness to break-up each topic and in-turn make it easier for the consumer to navigate to their desired content.


Honestly, this section is less about how I say it versus that it is said the importance of it being said at all. Phrasing and word choice is basically a ‘fancy’ way to say we all speak differently and this must be accounted for in the physical medium. We don’t truly consider the way we speak every day unless someone says “I don’t understand” or “Say again?” in which case only then will we rephrase what was said. In the physical medium, this is not possible. There are no re-takes, no extra clarification – everything is a one-take, first impression only event. It is imperative that we bloggers, writers, editors, and reviewers alike much be certain of how we speak, look, and sound on our physical mediums.


In order to take a more subjective approach to our posts and blogs, these three items should be regarded as a scope of coverage rather than an exact metric of choice and direction. Here at The Hub (NFN for short … NinetyFour.Net), we do not play favorites, our “angle” is only that of our own personal perspective, topics are chosen only when and what we (as a team or individually) want to personally cover, we post when we have a topic we want to talk about, and we write to anybody that cares enough to listen.


I have added examples of a standard release (blog or post) title with its section header and the full un-finished released of a prior update that was never published. The first example is a blog that is currently being finalized and is slated for publishing on 02/10/18. The second was planned as a site update post, but was never released to being delayed and thus missing it’s time-sensitive deadline.

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Genres, Play-Styles, Categories
How does one even begin to group any two games together when the larger purpose of a game is to build it’s own space within the industry?

So yeah, another update.

Here we are,

with what’d I consider my first real blog post. I feel like I need to give some context as to the details (why, when, what, etc.) and update y’all on what’s been happening outside the norm twitch/yt/etc.


Schedule > Mon – Fri | 9pm – 2am PST

For years I have been trying to not only find a schedule that works for me, but keep it as well – I have done just that! For roughly the last month, I have been live at the scheduled time – like clockwork.


Twitch recently came out with a new feature called vodcast. This allows broadcasters to livestream a playlist of their VODs! You can find the official post here, but essentially that is the jist of it all.


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This post was scheduled for 02/07/18, but due to unforeseen back-end requirements, has been pushed to 02/08/18