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How does one even begin to group any two games together when the larger purpose of a game is to build it’s own space within the industry?

When I first got into gaming, it was very obvious (for better and worse) what kind of game you were playing, how you were meant to progress through the game, and what your moment-by-moment objective was. However, it seems like the current gaming landscape has thrown that completely out the window. Now we have terms like MMORPG, RPGFPS, and INDIE in the past typically meant low-budget, low-quality, typically single person self-made games – now we have games like Subnautica that sell for $25 and is widely regarded as a “AAA equivalent game”.

To address the first obvious rebuttal, YES there are still PLENTY of indie titles that most definitely do more harm to the developer’s rapport in the industry than shine a light on the truly amazing people and talents that are required to create an amazing game (developers/artists/designers/etc). This blog post is not intended to exclude the titles that are so exhaustively genre-locked its community quickly shrivels and dies shortly after release, games that are so genre-deprived that nobody can tell how to play the game thus it consequently suffers the same fate, or even the seemingly increasing number of crowd-backed efforts that aim for the moon and never get off dry land. Unfortunately, these cases are very predictable, easily definable, and constantly repeating.

Two Weeks Later …

So it’s been roughly two weeks since the start of this blog and two things have become extremely evident in that time
– There is WAY more to this topic than I have the skill to convey in this medium
– This topic would be much better served as either an audio log or a discussion video.

Moving Forward …

We are new to this. I love writing and I love telling my experiences in the best medium they suit. However, this is not an exact process and many times my vision is bigger than my reality.

Because this is a shorter post and our prior post being delayed due to back-end configuration errors, if everything goes right, this will have been released on Saturday the 10th and either an audio log or video discussion will release Wednesday the 14th. In either release case, an editor’s note will be added to the end of this release with the content embedded.