Routine and Recovery

– A RANT –

┬áThe routine of semi-daily posts can be tedious, but I’ve found that the relapse of the lack thereof can be just as sharp.


Be it routine or occasional, strenuous or casual, tiresome or elating – It all has a lasting impact on every one of us. Work done properly, not lazily or without care, creates an inner regimen within us that fuels the expectation of its quality and arrival. In short, a relapse can happen when that regimen is cut. The recent break in posts was not intended to be as long as it was, but due to family and life circumstances – it got drawn out to the point it was. It seems near weekly that I hear “You can’t fully appreciate something until it’s gone” or “You can’t really know what you want until you have it, then loose it.” and to a certain point I agree – I also find it completely ludicrous in principle and in practice.


The very notion that loss excretes value undermines the fabric of value itself. It’s as if value is an inverse property of existence itself – which again, is ludicrous. Regardless of the circumstances, it was this immediate halt to posts and all work on the website that made me not only value what I had, but what I didn’t have. I found a greater value in the time I spent with my family and even that which I dedicated to my own personal health that I never had before.

In short, I’M BACK BABY! Back and rearin’ to go!

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Routine and Recovery